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hen an author considers publishing their work, they’re faced with a large and daunting decision: Where will they publish? The decision is one that can control the future of an author’s writing career for the next three to five years, sometimes longer.

We’re all given the same three options: Query agents with the hope of landing a contract with a traditional publisher, query editors of independently labeled publishers, or self-publish.

Each of these options has their strengths and pitfalls.

Large, traditional publishers have the money and expertise to advertise your book, place it on the shelves of chain-retailers around the world, and even pay you a small advance (an advantage that is fast disappearing in the publishing world) so you can cut back on your day-job and focus on your next novel. The downfall is the loss of almost all control of your artistic vision. You have no say in the cover art, how the book is portrayed in marketing, and in extreme cases, even be fired from writing your own series.

In self-publishing, you’re met with the exact opposite problem. You retain all control, but you are stuck footing the bill with your own money. You have to spend a great deal of time learning how to edit, format, design, upload, and market all on your own—or you have to pay large sums of cash to have someone else do it for you. You have to be business savvy. You have to balance your time between selling the book you already wrote and producing more books. Each is a full-time job.

To the new, striving writer, independent publishers often sound like a happy medium between traditional and self-publishing. However, once you’re locked in with a contract, most independent publishers will take a 60% royalty cut just like the large publishers do, but they fail to help their authors with marketing. They simply can’t afford to. Most are managed out of the owner’s home as a hobby or side-business. Sure, they do the work formatting, designing, publishing, and distributing your book for you, but you’ll often find the independent publisher does not distribute to chain-retailers or book stores. They only reach as far as the online vendors, which any self-published author can do. So why pay them the same percentage as a traditional publisher when they are only doing a fraction of the work? You are still on you own with marketing and trying to grow your career.

Thats is, until now.

PDMI Publishing LLC, is an independent, traditional publisher. Yes, you read that right. PDMI’s owners go above and beyond, breaking the borders and blurring the lines between traditional, independent, and self-publishing to bring you the best there is to offer in a paradigm that is always changing. PDMI works hard to get your books out there: into brick and mortar stores, on tables at book expos, and everywhere between. But they also realize that times have changed. The future is now, and that means e-books and a strong online presence.

PDMI knows that your vision is important and they value you as an artist. You are involved in every step of the production process, and nothing is published without your approval. PDMI works as a team, utilizing their authors’ strengths and giving them opportunities to grow within the company as editors, illustrators, and marketing mentors because PDMI knows you are more than just a writer.

PDMI aims to make your dream a reality in the best way possible by helping you grow into the best author possible.


“The best part of my trip was getting to spend time with my publishers. I know a lot of authors, but none of them can say they got to stand on the beach with their publisher. Now that is what a PDMI peep is all about. Love you guys”


Author of Waiting for Santa and Director of Marketing

No-Cost Traditional Publishing

PDMI Publishing, LLC is an independent, traditional publisher dedicated to providing a personalized publishing experience. Previous publishing credit is not required to submit to PDMI, and there is no investment to make. PDMI is not a vanity or self-publishing press. We are interested in working with both new and experienced authors. We specialize in trade, mass market, and hardcover editions.

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Interior Formatting



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Yes We Market our Authors


At PDMI Publishing, LLC, we train our authors in the ways of blogging and marketing, giving them an overall advantage in the market. In order to accomplish this, we implement principles from "The WANA Way," founded by best-selling author and renowned blogger Kristen Lamb.

When you become an author at PDMI, we provide you a copy of Kristen Lamb's new book "Rise of the Machines: Human Authors in a Digital World,"  to help you get started on the path to your success. A path that suits your interests and your talents.


Like WANA, PDMI recognizes that social media is a game-changer for all artists. Our marketing department assists our authors in building social media platforms that suit the individual authors’ needs and celebrate their creativity and diverse interests. We maintain a private group on Facebook where any and all challenges can be freely discussed and ideas exchanged as well as a private social network on Yammer with individual "rooms" set up to meet specific needs. 

PDMI is the Personal Publisher. We are dedicated to the principle of creative people united to help each other succeed while keeping and enhancing the creative qualities that define us as individuals.

Our Mission

Our Mission is to turn the gears of perception into a design of reality through trust and commitment. To fulfill that mission, our PDMI Staff Team provides high quality and exceptional design and management services with innovation and artistic expertise. In all parts of the publishing process, we work toward collaboration between ourselves and our authors.

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